David Kasman

David Kasman, a native of Boston, first studied sculpture while at Cornell University. He later concentrated his studies on oil painting, in individual studios and at Lyme Academy of Fine Art in Old Lyme, CT.

He is a member of the Copley Society of Art in Boston. He has won several awards and prizes, including the Roger T. Williams prize for first place at the National Sculpture Society, and his paintings and sculptures are in numerous prominent collections. In 2011 his sculpture, “Resurgence”, a permanent outdoor sculpture that was commissioned by Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre, was unveiled in Harvard Square.

Kasman paints directly from observation, on location, with a bold and sure hand, and strives to render the scene simply:

“My first goal with any painting is to establish a satisfying composition. Without good composition, there is no point going further. I use a simple palette of the best quality paints and I take chances… I create form and space with my brush, moving over and through surfaces of my landscape, still life and figurative paintings. In this way, I interpret and construct the vista before me onto my canvas… It is important to me that my work looks as though it was easy to create, not labored or over worked.”