Leith MacDonald


After completing a BFA in printmaking in 2002, Leith MacDonald spent six summers and a winter working on Monhegan. He spent the next five and a half years as a member of the curatorial department at the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, ME. Combining his love for and knowledge of Monhegan’s art history, Leith developed a series of walking art tours that explore Monhegan and its place in American art history that started in 2010 and continue today.

His own art work has evolved several times since he was first introduced to the island through Caleb Stone’s painting class. While living on Monhegan, Leith carved and printed numerous wood blocks by hand, experimented with printing art on clothes, participated in Mostel’s Salon, and produced short videos with the help of his friends.

Years after moving off the island, Monhegan has resurfaced like a great whale in Leith’s art making practice. “These assemblage pieces are inspired by years of memories and dreams of a place I long ago fell in love with.  Created from driftwood collected over time, mixed with carved toys I made for my son with my grandfather’s tools, I feel like a kid having fun again.”

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