Lupine Gallery and the Island Inn are pleased to present the annual exhibition of Monhegan art at the Island Inn:   “Objects of Cheer”

What better way to meet the unique challenges of our times than to let art bring us enjoyment and cheer? In keeping with the Inn’s newly reconfigured, spacious dining room and lobby, the 2020 show features a mix of contemporary and nontraditional works by six Monhegan artists. The artworks enliven the space with vibrant color and warmth.

Lynne Drexler’s bold and energetic oils infuse her interpretation of the Monhegan landscape with her early training in abstract expressionism. Drexler, who moved to Monhegan from New York city in the early 1960s, lived and painted year round on the island from 1983 until her death in 1999.  

Bruce Kornbluth’s works in watercolor and India ink meet the intensity and color saturation of Lynne Drexler’s oils, and like them, straddle the moving line between landscape and abstraction. 

Oil paintings by Sylvia Alberts (1928-2015), include several floral still life works in her unique, serene yet whimsical style.

In the sunlit Inn entry, oil paintings by Jessica Lee Ives vividly portray the enjoyments of the island- hiking the cliffs, swimming, and simply taking in the panorama of Monhegan harbor.

The paintings are complemented by Dylan Metrano’s unique and popular designs created from cut paper. 

In counterpoint, Dave Rappaport’s landscapes in monochrome watercolor, by removing the element of color entirely, focus on the forms and shadows of the angular rocks and curved hull of Lobster Cove and the shipwreck. 

Although there will not be a reception this year, the exhibit will be open and available to be seen all season until October 11.