Kate Cheney Chappell

About Kate Cheney Chappell

Kate Cheney Chappell studied at Chatham College, the Sorbonne in Paris, and Maine College of Art, and received a B.A. degree from the University of Southern Maine. She has also studied at the Haystack School of Crafts, and is a member of Peregrine Press, a co-operative of fine arts printmakers.

Chappell’s art encompasses painting, printmaking and poetry. While in residence at her home on Monhegan Island, she paints directly from nature in watercolors; other works incorporate mixed media, collage, or explore the interplay of word and image.

“Drawing and painting have always been ways I engage with the natural world. I am also a person who likes to explore the boundaries between traditional forms. I like to put poetry and monotype together, collage and watercolor, make artist’s books, experiment with installations. Inspiration has come from visits to stone circles in England and Wales, reading poetry, looking at “Li”, the Chinese study of dynamic forms and correlations in nature (e.g., the similarity of a single brain neuron and the branching habit of a tree). Most of all, Monhegan Island remains my soul place. There I am surrounded by sea, alone with the waves, doing the little acts of a simpler way of life, painting all day on the cliffs, or singing at night in community with others who love and live and work on the island.”

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